July 8, 2016

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Game-Changer-ChecklistGame-Changer Checklist

Have you really got what it takes to step up to the next level, or to make big changes in your own life…or the life of others? Get a reality check in 5 areas – Goal Setting, Belief/Confidence, Commitment, Focus and Action Planning.  This checklist will help you see what areas are holding you back from propelling forward in your career, business and life.  More importantly, it will give you direction on what to do next.


Presentation Skills Checklist & GuideSpeaker Checklist & Guide

Discover how you rate in 5 Key Areas of Speaking that will help you connect with your audience and inspire action.  It looks at your Confidence; the Content of your message; your ability to Express yourself; your ability to Connect with your audience and the strength of your Expertise.  The Guide gives you tips on what to work on to improve your speaking and presentations.


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