Winning in Life and Work

Winning in Life and Work

I was delighted to be invited to contribute a chapter to the new book, Winning in Life and Work.  Featuring 9 expert authors, there is something for everyone in this collection of stories, tips and guides. Writing my chapter led me to drill down to my previously published  8-step guide to Success beyond Sport and Read more about Winning in Life and Work[…]

Interview with The Confidence Alchemist

Have you really got what it takes to create the life you desire or to make big changes in your own life? One thing we can be certain of in life is CHANGE. Whether change is happening to you, or you are deciding to make a change, in your career, your relationships, your health – Read more about Interview with The Confidence Alchemist[…]

Hurdles part of the race

Hurdles are part of the race

I was chatting with someone during a strategy session and we came to discussing the hurdles we face as we chase our goals.  These are the inevitable obstacles that get in the way and slow us down and cause some to even quit on their dreams. I started talking about embracing the hurdles and I got Read more about Hurdles are part of the race[…]

Positive thinking, resourceful thinking, optimism

You don’t have to be happy to be positive

How can one be positive all the time when current life circumstances are so challenging? How can one be smiling and happy about problems? I’m going through my own share of challenges and someone told me to just ‘think positive’ – isn’t that what I teach? It is AND it isn’t. People can confuse ‘positive Read more about You don’t have to be happy to be positive[…]

What are you waiting for?

I had an interesting discussion the other day, and it was one I had heard before.  It’s the discussion about whether or not to hire a coach NOW, or wait until one is ready. People have different criteria for being ready.  An obvious one is Financial, having the funds to invest in coaching or training.  Read more about What are you waiting for?[…]

Success is Within You

On my journey to playing in the Olympics in Sydney 2000, I overcame a lot of obstacles – the biggest one was not having people around me to say “You can do it.” Fortunately, I didn’t rely on the belief of others. The only way I would know whether I could or couldn’t was if Read more about Success is Within You[…]

The Best of 2014

In the trend of rounding up the ‘best of’ for the year gone by, I thought I’d do the same here with my TEN most popular articles.  I hope it makes it easy to navigate the articles that were found most useful by readers and to also discover ones you might find useful for your Read more about The Best of 2014[…]

What do you REALLY REALLY want?

With Christmas and New Year (and my birthday even, hint hint) it’s a time when you might get asked “What do you want?” It’s a question I often pose to my clients as we enter a new year to consider goals and vision for one’s life, business and success. It can be a tough question Read more about What do you REALLY REALLY want?[…]

Dos and Don’ts of Goals

Think you don’t have a goal?  Even if you want to have a simple, peaceful life with little or no responsibilities – I hate to break your bubble – that’s a goal. A goal is simply something you are aiming for – an ideal of how you want your life to be, or what you Read more about Dos and Don’ts of Goals[…]


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