How do you choose to be

Choose your being, choose your experience

It can be hard not to be influenced by life experiences, especially negative ones, and be led down a spiral of thoughts and emotions in response to those experiences. The game-changer is the one who can take charge of his/her emotions and use them to create the experience they desire. You get to experience what you focus Read more about Choose your being, choose your experience[…]

What do you REALLY REALLY want?

With Christmas and New Year (and my birthday even, hint hint) it’s a time when you might get asked “What do you want?” It’s a question I often pose to my clients as we enter a new year to consider goals and vision for one’s life, business and success. It can be a tough question Read more about What do you REALLY REALLY want?[…]

Dos and Don’ts of Goals

Think you don’t have a goal?  Even if you want to have a simple, peaceful life with little or no responsibilities – I hate to break your bubble – that’s a goal. A goal is simply something you are aiming for – an ideal of how you want your life to be, or what you Read more about Dos and Don’ts of Goals[…]

Goal Achievement is not an Exclusive Process

Last week I read an article/blog that stated that one should forget about goals and resolutions. They don’t work! Rather than goals, you should focus on your actions instead. It really pissed me off, because I knew the author was only writing that to be controversial for the sake of it….and, I would hate for her Read more about Goal Achievement is not an Exclusive Process[…]

5 Mistakes that Could Keep Things the Same

Are you ready to achieve bigger and better things in 2014?  Are you willing to change to reach your goals? After preparing and teaching a workshop on goal setting and planning for success, I know I am, and so are the participants in the class. A few things came up during the class, and in Read more about 5 Mistakes that Could Keep Things the Same[…]

Looking Back to Now

There are a lot of people in my industry focusing on 2014 with plans for success – success with your business, success with weight loss or health goals, success with transforming your life. I know this because I’m one of them, and have a few programs in my mind to help Jumpstart your 2014. BUT…… Read more about Looking Back to Now[…]

Focus on What you Really Want

What do you want to achieve in your business and in your life?  Do you stay focused on your goals or are you easily distracted by new opportunities. This video is a piece from my “Olympian Mindset for Success in Business” talking on the power of focus in getting you where you want to go…… Read more about Focus on What you Really Want[…]

Why Are 74% of People Afraid?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74% of people have some kind of speaking anxiety – which translates to fear of speaking.  So, good news for those of you who suffer from Glossophobia (fancy name for fear of speaking) – you are not alone! Not so good news if you have Sociophobia and Read more about Why Are 74% of People Afraid?[…]

What Does It Take To Share Your Brilliance

There are 3 things to consider and address before you can really STAND out and share your brilliance through speaking. 1. Obviously, Speaking is one of those.  From what you say, to how you say it….it helps paying attention to details. The details of your message – the content, the stories, the segues and transitions to keep it flowing, Read more about What Does It Take To Share Your Brilliance[…]

You Gotta Use What You Got

In life and on stage you can ahead by using (or utilising) all the resources you have available to you.  By doing this, you can Have more resources to achieve your goals; as well as, Turn a negative into a positive A few examples to illustrate my point. 1. I remember playing indoor volleyball in the Read more about You Gotta Use What You Got[…]


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