TEDxYouth@SeaburyHall 2015

So you want to be a TED speaker

This year I was asked to mentor the speakers of TEDxYouth@Seabury Hall for the 2nd year in a row. The eleven youth were chosen through auditions and came from schools all over Maui.  They spoke on topics ranging from social discrimination, feminism, asexuality and taking risks to finding one’s passion through art and self-expression. Speaking Read more about So you want to be a TED speaker[…]

The Best of 2014

In the trend of rounding up the ‘best of’ for the year gone by, I thought I’d do the same here with my TEN most popular articles.  I hope it makes it easy to navigate the articles that were found most useful by readers and to also discover ones you might find useful for your Read more about The Best of 2014[…]

Asking vs Telling

After a number of conversations with both clients and then my own mentor, I just had to write about this – the power of asking questions. If you want to be a leader of a business, a community or a team, then it’s important to be able to communicate effectively and sometimes that means not doing all the talking!

If You Could Change ONE Life?

I had the privilege and joy of speaking to a group of kids that came from families with health behavior issues.  Through my networking group I learned about Maui Health and Family Services and when I heard about a special event they were having I eagerly offered my services to speak to the group. I Read more about If You Could Change ONE Life?[…]

Mapping Your Success

One of my favorite tools that I use and share with others is Mind-Mapping. I use it for preparing messages, articles and even taking notes from other books.  I also use it to plan my projects and even goals. Popularized by Tony Buzan, a mind map is basically a diagram showing how points or ideas Read more about Mapping Your Success[…]

Don't Worry

Good News – Things Will Go Wrong!

Do you worry that things might go wrong when you to go out and do a public speaking engagement?  Does that worry or fear stop you from even saying yes to speaking? Guess What?  Things DO go wrong and this is GOOD NEWS because by knowing and accepting that, you can now prepare how to Read more about Good News – Things Will Go Wrong![…]

Presentation Blueprint

9 Reasons to Plan Your Message

In case you still need a reason to prepare your message with an easy to follow formula, here are 9 reasons to have a presentation blueprint. From Avoiding Overwhelm to Feeling Confident, this kind of preparation can do the trick.

leadership tips from Annette Lynch, hawaii motivational speaker

Step Into The Leader You Are

Everyone is a leader in some way, so are you being the best leader you can be, and are your peeps paying attention? “I’m not a leader,” you might think… but my bet, is that in some area of life you are.  Whether it is as a parent, as a role model to somebody or Read more about Step Into The Leader You Are[…]

presentation blueprint

Turn Your Ideas into Presentations that Captivate

Discover how you can make an impact by turning your ideas into presentations that captivate your audience. Craft engaging content filled with stories to transform the minds of your audience.

Taking Care of YOU

To inspire others with your message you need to step into your own brilliance, so let’s take a step back and talk about YOU. You see you’ve got to have you in a ‘good place’ before you can go out and be the inspiration to others. You need to be the change within, before you can make a difference and create change in the world.


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