Winners quote by Olympian Annette Lynch, one of Hawaii's premier motivational speakers

Qualities of Winners

What do you need to win?  Take on these attitudes of winner’s to get the results you want. Follow your passion Choose your path Be true to yourself Know what you want Embrace self-discovery Stand up for yourself and what you stand for Listen to your gut/intuition Stay focused on the outcome Learn from mistakes Read more about Qualities of Winners[…]

Speaker Training by one of Hawaii's premier motivational speakers

What to Look for In a Motivational Speaker

Whether you are a motivational speaker OR you are actually looking to hire a speaker for your next event, then you want to know this – what sets a great speaker apart from others? Besides stage presence, level of confidence, entertainment value and level of engagement with audience, it has to do a lot with Read more about What to Look for In a Motivational Speaker[…]

Are You Motivating the Motivated?

It’s easy to motivate the motivated – someone who is already on board with your message and just needs a little reminder or is looking for a small push to get going.Motivation-Crowd

  • Someone who enjoys keeping fit and being healthy will more likely listen to and agree to a message on keeping fit.
  • Someone who wants to excel in life is more likely to participate more fully in personal development programs.

These are the people that are already your fans or fans of what you offer.

I used to work in Corporate Health nearly 10 years ago, and I would give presentations on stress management, eating well, exercise, posture, injury prevention… to name a few.

In a work environment, often people are obligated to attend the presentations and back then I didn’t quite have the skills to connect with everyone in the room. I was expecting everyone to think like me and that they were motivated by the same things as me.  Not so. […]

2 Keys to Pinocchio Becoming A Motivational Speaker

A commercial currently airing in the US declares that Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker because of his nose growing when he tells a lie.Motivational-Speaker

The premise of the ad is that when Pinocchio tells someone in the audience that ‘you can do it’ that he is lying for certain stereotypes in the audience.  This one of a long series of commercials by GEICO Insurance that put a funny spin on various characters or sayings.

The real reason that this Pinocchio would not make a great motivational speaker, is not because of his inability to lie…. it’s because he doesn’t have a belief in his audience or in his message that everyone, yes EVERYONE, is capable of changing. […]

What’s your Signature

There are tons of speakers, coaches and consultants competing for the same business, speaking on the same broad topics.  How do you stand out so that you attract speaking gigs and clients? It comes down to your unique selling point – what makes you different?  What do you provide that nobody else will. Let’s look Read more about What’s your Signature[…]

The Power of Story

Have you ever been to a movie and been completely entranced by the story and visual effects. Did you feel so moved that you found yourself changing – perhaps how you thought about certain things, or perhaps even your actions? Have you ever listened to a speaker and been aware of what you remember most Read more about The Power of Story[…]


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