How do you choose to be

Choose your being, choose your experience

It can be hard not to be influenced by life experiences, especially negative ones, and be led down a spiral of thoughts and emotions in response to those experiences. The game-changer is the one who can take charge of his/her emotions and use them to create the experience they desire. You get to experience what you focus Read more about Choose your being, choose your experience[…]

Positive thinking, resourceful thinking, optimism

You don’t have to be happy to be positive

How can one be positive all the time when current life circumstances are so challenging? How can one be smiling and happy about problems? I’m going through my own share of challenges and someone told me to just ‘think positive’ – isn’t that what I teach? It is AND it isn’t. People can confuse ‘positive Read more about You don’t have to be happy to be positive[…]

How to “Build a Bridge AND Get Over it”

“Be positive!”, “Snap out of it.” – sage advice when you are feeling down or simply ‘crappy’.  Things are not quite turning out as you like, or you have just received terrible news.

Sometimes people think that because I have done so much work and study on the ‘mindset’ that I might never have my negative or vulnerable moments.  Wrong.  There are always new challenges and problems and the key is how we handle those challenges.

I was watching a TV program about another new disease or condition and it made me consider this – as long as medicine discovers cures for current diseases, there will always be something new to challenge the medical field.  The challenges keep getting tougher because the human race is getting smarter and more technologically advanced.

It’s interesting how the universe provides for our growth.  So how do you snap out of it? […]


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